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The Last Yard 54mm Camo Anti Tangle Sleeve

Green. The Last Yard 54mm Anti Tangle Sleeves are by far our best selling product. The main reason for this is they are longer and stiffer than what else is available. The stiffness of these sleeves has to be seen to be believed, when you need to kick that rig away these are the kiddies. Being 54mm long these can be used fall length, but can be cut down if required to any length up to about 25mm. Use primarily with a quick change swivel or a quick change ring swivel, these really can take your fishing to another level, these will make you a more efficient angler. Have multiple rigs ready to go, if you catch a fish, you can get back on your spot by simply attaching another made up rig, bang it onto your spot and you’re fishing again in moments. Once fishing, you can attend to your prize thats been resting in the net or sling. Can also be used with a standard swivel.

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