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The Last Yard Camo 40mm Anti Tangle Sleeves

C-Thru Camo Green. High quality. Our medium sized anti tangle sleeve is 40mm long. This sleeve is best described as semi stiff. Use in conjunction with a quick change swivel or a quick change ring swivel. This really is a great item to have in your tackle box because you can get your rig back on your spot if the fish are feeding quickly and efficiently, whilst you rest your recent capture in your net/sling. Once back fishing you can get on and weight your prize. You can have numerous rigs ready to go. Simply add a sleeve to your hook link before tying a loop in the end. Once tied up simply attach the rig to the swivel, pull up the sleeve making everything neat and the jobs a good ‘un. Can be used with a standard swivel too when you want to kick the rig away from the lead. Supplied in packs of 20.

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