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The Last Yard BARBED Wide Gape Hooks

Muted black teflon coating. The Last Yard Wide Gape Barbed hooks have a multitude of uses. Be it bottom baits, balanced baits or pop-ups this hook is suitable for all of them. The wider gape, shorter shank, flat forged bend, slightly beaked point and in-turned eye are the main characteristics of this hook, not to mention the extreme strength and sharpness. The in-turned eye promotes the “flip” when used with mono/fluorocarbon, but shrink tube/line aligners can be used when the hook is coupled with braid or coated braid, what ever your preference. A favourite pattern of PVA bag enthusiasts, surface fisherman and zig riggers, this pattern really has all bases covered. Supplied on packs of 10. When ordering 100 hooks of mixed sizes email quoting your order number with number of hooks per size.

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