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The Last Yard BARBED Chod Hooks

Muted black. The Last Yard Barbed Chod hooks have become a firm favourite of our “Promo Team”. The subtly out-turned eye, flat forged bend and straight point are the key features of this pattern that keeps growing in popularity. The “Chod Rig” was such an important development in carp fishing, because it meant that lesser skilled anglers were fishing nearly 100% of the time, and the more skilled fishermen could present a bait in areas that previously were considered too tricky to present a bait effectively. A hook suitable for all stiff rig presentations and the multi-rig, this pattern should be amongst your first choices when wanting to present a pop-up. Extremely strong and wicked sharp straight out of the packet. Supplied in packs of 10.When ordering 100 hooks of mixed sizes email quoting your order number with number of hooks per size.

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