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The Last Yard BARBED Long Shank Hooks

Muted black teflon coating. The Last Yard Barbed Long Shank hooks lend themselves to multiply situations. The slight in-turned eye, long straight shank, flat forged bend and inclined straight point married to the strength and sticky sharpness are this hooks main attributes. This pattern can be fished as a blowback rig when using a snowman, be it with a rig ring or tubing. Other presentations include the “flick” rig when fishing pop-ups, d-rig fashion. A bottom bait fished on a blowback with a line aligner or elbow aligner really promotes the “flip” promoting firm hook holds that will inspire confidence. Supplied in packs of 10. When ordering 100 hooks of mixed sizes email quoting your order number with number of hooks per size.

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