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The Last Yard BARBED Offset Curve Hooks

Muted black teflon coating. The Last Yard Barbed Offset Curve hooks are best suited to just a straight forward knotless knot, it doesn’t really get much simpler. This pattern features a swept shank, a very wide gape, flat forged bend for strength, a wickedly sharp beaked offset point. Best suited to bottom or balanced baits, when these go in they tend to stay in, the hook holds have to be seen to be believed. Intended to be used with none of the usual adornments associated with other rigs, experiments with hook links etc may be worth exploring, with success being achieved with this pattern used with a combi rig incorporating a fluorocarbon boom. Supplied in packs of 10. When ordering 100 hooks of mixed sizes email quoting your order number with number of hooks per size.

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