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The Last Yard BARBLESS Curve Shank Hooks

Muted black teflon coating. The Last Yard Barbless Curve Shank hooks can be used in various situations and is not just a one trick pony in the form of the KD Rig. Swept shank, flat forged, straight point and an eye that follows the line of the shank, not to mention they are strong and extremely sharp. The curve can be fished as a claw rig, blowback rig or KD style and has accounted for carp to over 30lb in the uk and over 50lb abroad. Due to the eye that follows the shank our Curve Shank can be fished in conjunction with our line aligner aiding the “flip” with a lump of our very sticky putty 2 inches from the hook to real help get the hook home. Supplied in packs of 10. When ordering 100 hooks of mixed sizes email quoting your order number with number of hooks per size.

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