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The Last Yard Camo Elbow Aligners

C-Thru Camo Green. The Last yard Elbow Aligners make burning your fingers a thing of the past. Place over eye of the hook when tying your rig and away you go. These little plastic aligners really make your rigs flip. With an acuter angle than our Line Aligners the Elbows lend themselves to being cut down and experimented with. Use with our Curve, Wide gape and Long Shank Hooks to really get those rigs flipping. The angle on the Elbows is very similar to a lot of rigs incorporating shrink tube, without the need of messing about with kettles etc. A handy addition to any anglers tackle box, especially if you’re the type of fisherman that likes having extra string s to your bow. Supplied in packs of 10

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