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Hello, thanks for taking the time to look at our website. The Last Yard is a  company born out of the frustration of trying to find quality tackle that wasn’t going to make a massive hole in our pocket. Everything we sell has been meticulously sourced, if it wasn’t of a superior quality, we searched again. Then it occurred to us, what if we could offer the carp angler the opportunity to acquire a full terminal tackle set up in one place. It was then that we set about sourcing products to complete a terminal tackle kit.

We are more than happy to supply a packet of hooks or swivels, but its not until you look at the savings that can be achieved by buying a kit, is where, we feel, we come into our own. 



The Last Yard Camo Green Braid 20lb 20m

Broken Dark/Light Green. Fast sinking. Very very supple. Very thin. Clear dispenser with integrated cutter. This is high quality braid. Perfect for PVA bag rigs, a rig of around 4 inches is spot on. Ideal as the hook section of a combo rig with a WTF or Morning Glory boom,...

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