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The Last Yard Lead Clips

C-Thru Camo Green. High quality. The Last Yard Camo Lead Clips & Pins take the industry standard size 8 swivels in all it’s variations fits the clips a treat. Line the swivel up with the hole in the clip and simply place the pin locking the swivel in place, meaning the swivel and clip won’t part company which means that the lead will come of the clip if necessary. Once the lead clip is in situ attach your lead, moisten the clip before slipping on the tail rubber. The need to drop the lead should dictate the amount of tail rubber is put on to the clip i.e. If weed is present and dropping the lead would be beneficial put enough tail rubber on the clip to cast safely, but would allow the lead to come off on a take.(The pic of the lead and leader is for illustration purposes only)

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